Raptor Education

Our Raptor Education programs last 60 – 90 minutes, and can be tailored to meet the needs of any age group. Live birds of prey accompany us in all presentations. We are available for schools, clubs, corporate events, fairs, outdoor camping events, private parties and many other venues. Program costs are based on a number of variables including distance traveled, number of participants and number of programs per day.


We offer 3 different learning tracks:

  1. Raptor Relatives

  2. The Art of Falconry

  3. Raptor Rehabilitation

Intertwined within all of our workshops are teachings on the human/bird relationship, the predator/prey relationship, and why it is important for students to care.  We strive to inspire awe and wonder, show ways in which humans have impacted these animals, and what it might look like if we all took steps to help. All of our presentations can be tailored for students from 1-12 grade, as well as for adults.


 Raptor Relatives:

 This program gives an overview of the natural history of birds of prey.

 Topics include:

   • Adaptations

   • Habitat Loss

   • Threats

   • Predator/Prey Relationships

   • Hunting

   • Our Partnership as Falconers

                                       • Live Lure Demonstration


The Art of Falconry:

This program gives an overview of the history of falconry.  Students will learn how through the love of these animals, falconers have been able to bring some raptors back from the brink of extinction.  Topics include:

  • The History of Falconry

  • Predator/ Prey Relationship: The Balance in Nature

  • Human/ Bird Relationships

  • Adaptations – Hawks and Falcons

  • What it takes to care for a raptor (Animal Husbandry)

  • Training Birds of Prey


Raptor Rehabilitation

This program explores ways in which humans have impacted birds of prey.  It teaches students about rehabilitation and ways in which they can help protect these amazing birds.

Topics include:

  • Environmental Issues

  • Diseases

  • Wildlife Ethics and Rehabilitation Stories

  • Building Nesting Boxes

  • Proactive Strategies for Helping Raptors

All programs & activities offered meet California State Education Standards.