Aug 292012

Fastest animal on the planetAnatum Peregrine Falcon

Anatum Peregine Falcon (Quixote) (Falco peregrinus anatum) is CRWN’s latest ambassador of the sky. Quixote came to CRWN from a generous donation from world renown breeder of falconry birds Bill Murphy. Quixote is 70 days old and is a captive bred Anatum Peregrine Falcon. He is in the initial stages of fledging. Quixote will be flying free in a very short time. Our visitors, students and clients will be able to observe him in full flighted lure demonstrations and falconry excursions. The Anatum Peregrine also known as the American Peregrine Falcon was taken off the endangered species list in 1999 thanks to the The Peregrine Fund, and falconers who were instrumental in a large captive breeding and release effort nation wide to save the Peregrine Falcon from extinction.

When it became clear in the 1960s that Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles and other birds of prey were in trouble due to the effects of DDT, they set their sights on stopping the slide to extinction. Led by Peregrine Fund founder Tom Cade, then a professor of Ornithology at Cornell University, pioneered methods of breeding Peregrine Falcons in captivity and successfully releasing them to the wild.

CRWN is honored to have the opportunity to have Quixote as one of our flighted ambassadors of the sky. CRWN offers birds of prey classroom presentations, field trip programs, day trip outings,  and camp-outs.

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  1. Quixote is turning out to be an outstanding falcon. Well what falcon is not outstanding? We have been lure flying Quixote training him and conditioning him to be a very strong demonstration falcon and falconry bird. It is amazing of the instincts of these birds. They know what to do and how to do it. The only thing that we really are training him for is to allow us to become a part of his paradigm. We then can share this wonderful gift with the public on falconry excursions and falconry intensives to teach some basics on the initial training that goes into becoming a partner in the hunt.

    Stay tuned for more stories , photos, and video footage on Quixote, and the rest of our crew.

  2. We hunted Quixote yesterday for some pheasants. He is really flying and hunting great. We approached a clump of grass in the field as Quixote was flying over head at about 800 feet. A pheasant flushed and flew out over the field, Quixote rolled over into a stoop and smacked that pheasant like a baseball bat killing it in the air! When I got to them the pheasant was limp. First success of his season! Hooray for Quixote!!

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