Falconry Excursions


Falconry Experience: Still The Sport of Kings!  

During this half day, two-part excursion, you will have the rare opportunity to experience the Ancient Art of Falconry, hunting with a bird of prey. Humans have been hunting since the beginning of time, and with raptors for 4000 years.  In modern days it is becoming a lost art that is currently undergoing legal threats.  In this opportunity of a lifetime, you will be one of the few and the lucky to experience the awesome world of raptors and falconry that in parts of the world is still the sport of kings!

In the morning, you’ll join our Master Falconer at the center for an up-close encounter with different species of hawks, falcons and owls.  Discussions on falconry, the human/bird relationship, raptor conservation, adaptations, and natural history are included, followed by an opportunity to handle a bird of prey!

For part two, we will load into trucks and drive out to the field, where you will partake in the flushing of game and observe the thrilling hunting skills of hawk(s) or falcons. You’ll leave amazed and appreciative of falconry, birds of prey and their essential role in the environment.

Note: Our special use permit allows you to be among the few in the United States who are allowed to handle a bird of prey prior to, but not during the hunt.  Only licensed falconers can launch a bird at quarry. Offered seasonally: November – February, subject to weather.

Price: $450.00  3-5 hours


 Peregrine Falcon