Our Mission Statement

Reuniting people, especially youth, with Nature.

The mission of The Center For Re-Connecting With Nature (CRWN) is to create pathways for all people, especially youth, to fall in love with nature. Creating positive relationships with the natural world allows physical, emotional and spiritual balance. CRWN promotes learning by having fun in nature, which counteracts the alienation caused by the indoor, virtual and urban worlds.

We are a non profit 501c3 public benefit educational organization.  Federal tax number 27-3548091



Our vision is for a world of balanced humans who have reverent and reciprocal relationships with Nature, and who live within Nature’s laws and cycles.

Our Dream

In order to truly be affective, CRWN needs a place to call home…Land… where the Center can fully come to life.  We envision a place where youth are being mentored in organic gardening, tending small livestock and farm animals, eating eggs they’ve gathered and making soap and cheese from goat milk.  We see them learning  primitive survival/thrival skills, helping to build structures, and caring for birds of prey.   A Center where our vision of a raptor education center can be fully realized.  A place for  natural horsemanship and healing with horses programs happen.  A place for camping on the land, where young and old alike can play.  A place where nature is teacher, healer, and sanctuary.        

A Center for Reconnecting with Nature.